Napoletana pizza: the best pizza in the world

The deliciously crispy crust, smooth base and mozzarella: that’s Napoletana pizza. Napels is the cradle of real Italian pizza. They have to adhere to strict rules, because Napoletana pizza is craftsmanship, a real skill, an art with only the finest ingredients. If you take a bite from a Napoletana pizza… You will feel the lingering warmth of the Italian sun, instantly! You can see yourself enjoying it in the azure blue bay of Napels with the powerful Vesuvious volcano in the background. Salute!

Napoletana pizza v. Romana pizza

What are the characteristics of a Napoletana pizza? Well, a Napoletana pizza has a noticeably high, crispy crust. The crust is soft and has roasted air bubbles and brittle, charred burn marks. A Napoletana pizza is often a little smaller than a Romana pizza. The pizzaiolo makes a Napoletana pizza completely by hand and always bakes it in a traditional brick wood-fired oven at about 450 degrees Celsius. De Burgemeester van Napels is the pizzeria in Leeuwarden that makes authentic, delicious Napoletana pizzas!

Napoletana pizza on location

Do you want our authentic Napoletana pizzas on location? Maybe for a wedding or a birthday party? We offer that too! We make fresh, traditional pizzas on location that your guests will enjoy, guaranteed. Would you prefer to try and make a Napoletana pizza yourself? Then come join us in the pizza mobile and make your guests their delicacies like a real pizza maker.

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