Renting a pizza oven for your party

Fresh wood-fired oven pizzas make any party into an overwhelming success! Our beautiful mobile wood-fired oven can be brought to your house or party venue. Allow the guests to knead their own dough and cover their traditional Napoletana pizza with delicious Italian ingredients. Or watch our professional pizza maker make the most authentic pizzas right in front of you.

Renting a pizza oven: choose your pizza!

While you enjoy the party, our pizza makers will light the fire and the delicious Italian smells of the fresh pizzas will come your way. Choose from many different Napoletana pizzas and let us know what your preferences are beforehand. Surprise your guests with classics like a pizza margherita or quattro formaggi. Or choose the ‘Burgemeester van Napels’ with soft tomato, mozzarella, scamorza cheese, gorgonzola and spicy salami. We also have the most delicious vegetarian pizzas! Feel free to have a look at our menu. Can you choose from all these delicious pizzas?

Antipasta and salads

Give your Italian experience on location an authentic finish with our antipastas and insalata. You could go for a classic, crispy bruschetta al pomodoro with tomato, onion and Parmesan cheese. Or for the specialy from Puglia, ‘burrata con i fichi’: mozzarella filled with cream cheese, with figs, salted walnuts, olive oil, honey and salad. Would you prefer a tasty salad with your Napoletana pizza? Great idea! Go for an ‘insalata di tonno’, for example. A well-filled salad with tuna, spicy arugula, fresh lemon, bread, Parmesan cheese and more.

Rent a pizza oven?

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