Pizzeria Friesland

Looking for a pizzeria in Friesland? Come to de Burgemeester van Napels in Leeuwarden! You will find the most delicious authentic Italian dishes on our menu. Go out for dinner in the vibrant city center of Leeuwarden and enjoy the Italian vibe in our restaurant. We make the most delicious, authentic, traditional Napoletana pizzas in our wood-fired brick oven. Will you come have a taste?

Pizzeria Friesland on location

Are you vacationing in Friesland or do you have a special event coming up? Then rent our pizza oven! Enjoy the best Napoletana pizzas and freshly made Italian pastas on location. You can choose what you put on your pizza and bake it yourself or let our professional pizza makers surprise you. Combine the delicious dishes with a fresh, classic salad and get everyone feeling the Italian vibes with our antipastas. Pizzeria in Friesland? You can have it on location with de Burgemeester van Napels!