Italian restaurant Leeuwarden

Are you in Leeuwarden? For a day trip or a company visit? Then come lunch or dine at THE Italian restaurant in Leeuwarden: De Burgemeester van Napels. Let yourself be seduced by our authentic Napoletana pizzas that are prepared according to traditional recipes. Or go for an Italian pasta like you’ve never tasted! Do you want to lunch or dine like a real Italian? Then don’t forget to order an antipasta and insalata. From carpaccio to a surprising zuppa of the day to fried seafood or a mix of delicious cheeses and meats.

Pure Italian kitchen

De Burgemeester van Napels is THE Italian restaurant in Leeuwarden. We prepare all our dishes according to authentic Italian recipes. Really complete your lunch or dinner with a delicious dolci. Taste the ice cold Italian gelato or go for homemade tiramisu with mascarpone, coffee, Amaretto and of course: lady fingers. Even the bambini dishes for the little ones are as Italian as they could be. That way they can also enjoy the deliciously pure flavors of the Italian kitchen. Want to see what dishes we have to offer? Check out our menu!

italiaans restaurant leeuwarden